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One of the main functions of the National Museum Volunteers is to offer foreign language tours every Wednesday and Thursday.


Tours are offered in English, French, German (Wednesdays only), and Japanese.

For the many visitors to Bangkok this has proven to be a wonderful introduction to

Thai history, culture and religion.


Topics covered include Pre-Thai and Thai Art, Thai History and Culture, Buddhism and the Buddhaisawan Chapel


All tours begin at 9:30 am every Wednesday (English, French, German, Japanese) and Thursday (English, French, Japanese). The meeting point is at the museum ticket office.


All scheduled guided tours are free, but the Museum entrance fee of 200 THB must be paid.







The NMV offers tours of the National Museum Bangkok for both international and special groups.


Tailor made tours can be conducted in the following languages:

English, French, German, Japanese;  as well as other languages (depending upon the availability of guides).


It is not possible for our guides to accommodate a tour group at the same time as they conduct a regular tour. Tour groups are therefore asked to make arrangements for Special Guided Tours in advance.

To arrange for a Special Guided Tour for Groups, please click below.

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