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The National Museum Volunteers (NMV) is a non-profit organization, which has been supporting

the National Museum Bangkok since 1969.

Under the auspices of the Fine Arts Department (กรมศิลปากร), the NMV offers a wealth of cultural and educational activities for all those who love the rich history and culture of Thailand and the broader region,

thus providing deeper insights and fostering intercultural understanding.

The NMV’s most important mission is to train and make available English, French, German and Japanese guides for foreign visitors to the National Museum Bangkok.

The NMV counts about 150 members from different countries and backgrounds, and is managed

by a Steering Committee, chosen from among its members.

Read our Constitution.

Become a member and a guide to the Bangkok National Museum.

The NMV Guiding Workshop and Study program trains potential guides for the National Museum Bangkok and offers to all members a wonderful opportunity to learn about the amazing treasures contained within the National Museum and so much more about Thai Art, Thai History, religion and culture.

Every year in English, French and German.

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