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09.30 am

May 2022
Musée National Bangkok: Visites Guidées en Français
National Museum Bangkok: Guided Tours in English

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Visite guidée gratuite, billet d' entrée nécessaire
Guided Ttour free, entrance ticket mandatory

24 May 2022

10 am

Dvaravati and Culture: Between Tradition and Innovation

What do we really know about Dvāravatī? It is often referred to as a kingdom, a time period, a material culture, a geographical entity or an art style in ancient Thailand. But what is the archaeological evidence for such claims? Who were the inhabitants in central Thailand in the 7th‒8th centuries ce and what language(s) did they speak or use? What was their relationship with neighbouring cultures? Did they share common cultural and religious practices? What about the art produced? This lecture will highlight some of the peculiarities of this pre-Thai material culture clearly grounded in a foreign Indic tradition and yet with salient local innovations. The audience will also get a better definition and understanding of Dvāravatī and the early history of Thailand in its broader context.

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Bangkok Art Calendar - April 2022

The Bangkok Art Calendar is published twice a month by Jack Gittings. It informs about important events in the field of art and other creative activities in Bangkok.

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French Guiding Workshop 2022 / 2023

Learn about Thai and Asian Culture and Art. You can even become a guide in the National Museum Bangkok.

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From October 2022 to Spring 2023 (details tba)