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Lecture Series
Activities: Welcome


The National Museum Volunteers was originally established to train guides for the National Museum.


Bangkok.Each year, the NMV holds Guiding Workshops to train potential guides for the National Museum Bangkok.


The Guiding Workshops are offered in English, French and German.

Over time, many other activities have been added to the National Museum Volunteers, but guiding remains an important focus of our work.

Additionally, this is a great opportunity for other members of the NMV to discover the amazing treasures contained within the National Museum and to learn so much more about Thai Art, Thai History, religion and cultural aspects; a useful foundation for further study.


In our quest for knowledge lectures are presented regularly.

It is open to NMV members and the general public.


Examples of past lectures :

  • Phra Merumas, the unseen architecture of Siam by M.R. Chakrarot Chitrabongs, Sastrajarn of Chulalongkorn University and Patron of the National Museum Volunteers

  • Ghost Festival of Dan Sai, Loei Province by Ruth Gerson

  • Architecture of the Thai Monastery by Pierre Pichard

  • Sacred Tatoos of Thailand by Joe Cummings

  • A new look at Bencharong by Dawn F. Rooney

  • The King’s place in the Temple: Jayavarman VII from Phimai to Bayon by Christophe Pottie


Timing: Lectures begin usually at 10:00am.

Information about upcoming lectures can be found on our NMV website, in NMV Sala Magazine, as well as the Bangkok press.

Registration is not required, but is appreciated !


Venue: tba

Entrance fee 

NMV Members : 100 THB
Non NMV Members : 200 THB


For further information, please contact the Monthly Program Team.



In our quest to learn more about the art, history and culture of Thailand, NMV excursions go to all sorts of places.

There is usually one excursion a month. These are designed to provide special learning opportunities.

Our recent excursions have included walking tours of Chinatown and Ban Krua, a day trip to Ayuttaya , weekends in the north east of Thailand visiting Khmer sites, as well as Chiang Rai with visits to museums, temple ruins and art galleries, a private half day tour of the Grand Palace and in-depth explorations of many of Bangkok’s wats and palaces.


NMV’s study excursions always have a knowledgeable leader who can help us with our discoveries. The common thread is that we travel with a purpose and all participants are enthusiastic, curious, likeminded people – and all members of the National Museum Volunteers.

For further information, please contact the Excursion Team.


@Homes is for NMV members only.


These morning sessions provide an opportunity to learn and discuss diverse topics in small groups lead by guest speakers.


Some of the speakers may be drawn from the NMV membership, previous lecturers or study group participants. They may also be other Bangkok residents, authors, collectors or visitors to Thailand supporting NMV activities. All show a particular passion for their topic of interest and are willing to share their knowledge with our members and friends.

We like to invite these people to speak to us in a more intimate setting than is possible with a lecture or an excursion. Typically, an ‘@Homes’ will be a small informal meeting with morning tea and a speaker.

Attendance will be limited to about 15 – 20 people and sessions will take place once per month. Locations will vary as some speakers may prefer to present their collections or share their stories and photos in their own homes – hence the name!


Attending the @Homes sessions


@Homes sessions usually take place in the morning from 9:00am until noon.



Every time different, according to the topic.



According to program, starting at THB 400.



For any queries kindly contact @Homes. 



Study Groups offer NMV members the opportunity to increase their knowledge through in-depth research and learning about Asian art, history and culture, and to share their knowledge with others in a friendly and encouraging environment.

We offer Study Groups (SG) in English, French, German and Japanese several times a year*:

* German, Japanese and French Study Groups are usually ongoing throughout the year and are given along with their Guiding Workshop programs.



How Study Groups work

  1. The SG leader will formulate the various research topics and suggest sources. 

  2. An Orientation session will be held for participants to choose their topics and get needed information.

  3. Four weekly sessions for power point presentations of the research.


A Few Previous Study Group Topics

  • Thai Art Through History

  • Glorious Sri Lanka

  • Constantinople

  • The Royal House of Chakri

  • Exploring Thai Temples





Discover the Arts of Thailand with the NMV Lecture Series (open to the public).

Together with the distinguished Lecturers and the National Museum Volunteers.

Since 1972 the National Museum Volunteers has organized the well-attended “NMV Lecture Series”.
Held in English the talks are designed to interest those who are new to Thailand as well as those who call Thailand home and return every year.

Each November NMV members as well as the general public meet from 9:30am to 12:00 noon for four consecutive Thursdays.

The series is a good introduction to “all things Thai”. Traditionally it covers arts, culture, religion and history up to modern times. And it introduces as well the National Museum Volunteers, and the National Museum.


The lecture topics are often inspired by the architecture, sculptures, paintings, artworks, and collections of instruments, ceramics, pearl inlay, woodcarvings, stone-etchings, theatre pieces, textiles, thrones, chariots etc. 


Attending the NMV Lecture Series

Timing: The timing of the lectures is usually the same for all four days.

Doors open from 09:00-12:00.
On each lecture day the first lecture starts at 9:30 am and the second lecture at 11:00 am.

Venue: Check Calendar


NMV Members  pay THB 200 for single day and THB 700 for the complete series.
Non NMV Members pay THB 400 for single day and THB 1500 for the complete series.

The Lecture Series is a great opportunity to learn and to get to know more about the NMV, while catching up with friends over coffee and snacks.

For any queries kindly contact the Lecture Series Team.

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