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Dvaravati art, 7th - 9th century CE; Terra cotta; height 17 cm; Wat Phra Ngam, Mueng Nakhon Pathom district, Nakhom Pathom province; © National Musem Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand's Past


An exhibition showcasing some of the most impressive and exquisite antiquities found in Thailand

National Museum Bangkok

Siwamokkhaphiman Hall

From 25 March 2018 onwards

Wednesday - Sunday

09.00 am - 04.00 pm

Srivijaya art; late 5th - early 6th century CE; Stone; height 68.5 cm; Wat Salathueng, Chaiya district, Surtat Thani Province; 

© National Musem Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Sukhothai script, 1292 CE; Silt stone; height 114.5 cm, width 35.5 cm; Noen Prasat in the ancient town of Sukhothai;

© National Musem Bangkok, Thailand

Sukhothai art,  15th century CE; Bronze; height 67.5 cm, From Sawankhalok district, Sukhothai Province; © National Musem Bangkok, Thailand

Ayutthaya art,  18th century CE; lacquered and gilded wood; height: 54 cm; Wat Saket Ratchaworamahawiharn; 

© National Musem Bangkok, Thailand

 Rattanakosin art (Sino-Thai style), earlly 19th century CE; Enamelware; height: 24,3 cm, width 20.6 cm;

Collection of the National Museum Bangkok; © National Musem Bangkok, Thailand

left: Commemorative coin on the occasion of King Rama V's first visit to Europe in 1897; Silver, diameter 3.3 cm.

middle: Commemorative coin on the occasion of the 25th anniversary celebrations of King Rama V accession to the throne in 1893;

Copper, diameter 2.5 cm.

right: Commemorative coin which King Rama V gave to the soldiers who participated in the northern battlefield in 1877, 1885 and 1887.

Collection of the National Museum Bangkok; © National Musem Bangkok, Thailand

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